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phpMyAdmin – Database Exploration and Management Tool (for MySQL & MariaDB)

Ensure the security of your database with the phpMyAdmin WordPress Plugin, a reliable database browser and manager compatible with both MySQL and MariaDB. Access and manage your database seamlessly from within the WordPress Dashboard without any additional load or slowness to your site. Rest easy knowing that the plugin does not collect or share private data.

Key Features:

  • Verified against vulnerability holes for enhanced security.
  • No additional load or slowness imposed on your site.
  • Strict adherence to privacy standards – does not collect or share private data.

Plugin Description: This renowned database browser and manager for MySQL and MariaDB offer a hassle-free experience directly within the WordPress Dashboard. Ensure the security and reliability of your database management with this plugin.


  • PHP version 7.2.5 or higher is required for the latest phpMyAdmin version. An option is available to use an older version of PMA if necessary, although it is not encouraged.
  • Initiated in 2018, this plugin has no affiliation with the vulnerable wp-phpMyAdmin plugin from the past. It serves as a wrapper for the official phpMyAdmin release, relying on the security and reliability of phpMyAdmin itself.
  • Due to restrictions from the WordPress Plugin Team, the plugin contains the extracted PMA, ensuring the checksums remain the same.
  • To maintain compactness, extraneous files (language files, GIS maps, etc.) are removed. It is advisable to enable the plugin only when using phpMyAdmin and deactivate it for extended periods.

Liability: The plugin creators are not developers of phpMyAdmin and are not affiliated with them. This plugin acts as a wrapper or container for phpMyAdmin, allowing its use within WordPress. While it employs the official, unmodified phpMyAdmin package (with exceptions mentioned above), no control, check, or revision of the phpMyAdmin package’s source code or behavior is conducted. Therefore, users are advised to use the plugin at their own responsibility.

Available Options: Explore and configure various options on the plugin’s settings page for a customized experience.

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