SearchWP Live Ajax Search

Dynamic live search powered by templates compatible with any WordPress theme. While SearchWP is optional, the plugin seamlessly integrates with it when present.

SearchWP Live Ajax Search offers AJAX-powered live search functionality for your search forms. While it doesn’t require SearchWP, it seamlessly integrates with it if available. The complete documentation is accessible at

Developed with developers in mind, SearchWP Live Ajax Search is designed to be unobtrusive yet highly customizable. It works effortlessly with any WordPress theme and employs a template loader for displaying results. The template-based approach ensures easy customization without the need to navigate through a multitude of cluttered options.

Although it works best when used with SearchWP, the plugin is not dependent on it. If SearchWP is installed and activated, SearchWP Live Ajax Search can be tailored to utilize any of your search engines for each search form.

Customization is a key feature, allowing you to tailor the implementation of SearchWP Live Ajax Search extensively. Numerous developer-defined configurations are possible, and results are generated using a template loader. This approach ensures that the plugin remains unobtrusive, enabling you to craft the results template just like any other WordPress theme file.

The implementation is straightforward—simply add a single HTML5 data attribute (data-swplive=”true”) to the input field of your search form. This process occurs automatically for search forms generated from get_search_form().

For added convenience, SearchWP Live Ajax Search includes widget support, offering a widget that allows you to effortlessly insert live search forms wherever you desire.

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