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Enhance the security of your Contact Form 7 and WPForms with the addition of an Image CAPTCHA, ensuring GDPR compliance and delivering impeccable spam protection. This Image CAPTCHA solution is specifically designed for WPForms and Contact Form 7, incorporating a honeypot feature for an extra layer of defense against spam.

Enhance the security of your Contact Form 7 or WPForms with the Contact Form 7 Image CAPTCHA and WPForms Image CAPTCHA plugin, which integrates SVG image captchas and honeypots seamlessly. Our interpretation deems this CAPTCHA tool GDPR compliant due to its utilization of inline SVGs, absence of external resource downloads, and the avoidance of cookies or storage mechanisms on the user’s device, ensuring your site’s speed remains unaffected, unlike Google’s ReCAPTCHA. This plugin upholds user privacy with utmost respect.

Installation Instructions

Contact Form 7:

  1. Embed the shortcode [cf7ic] in the form editor where you desire the CAPTCHA.
  2. Optionally, conceal the CAPTCHA until user interaction by using the shortcode: [cf7ic "toggle"].


  1. Activate the CAPTCHA for WPForms through the plugin’s settings page.

Why Choose Our Plugin? If you find our plugin valuable, please share your thoughts through a review. As of version 3.2.0, Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields is fully supported, eliminating the need to add [hidden kc_captcha "kc_human"] to forms without the [cf7ic] shortcode.

Go Pro! Experience enhanced spam protection with the All-in-one Image CAPTCHA Pro version. It provides superior spam defense, customization options for the CAPTCHA’s appearance and style, and extends support to additional forms such as login screens, gravity forms, WooCommerce, and more.

Pro Features:

  1. GDPR compliant
  2. ADA/a11y/WCAG compliant
  3. Gravity Forms support
  4. WooCommerce support for login, registration, and checkout forms (optional)
  5. WordPress login/registration form support (optional)
  6. Default WordPress comment support
  7. Customize the appearance of the WordPress login/registration screen and form
  8. CAPTCHA refreshes on submit for increased spam deterrent
  9. Reverse honeypot verifies human interaction with the form
  10. Enhanced security with hashed answers to thwart automated spammers
  11. Add extra icons for randomized guessing, ranging from 1 in 3 to 1 in 10 odds
  12. Choose which icons to use
  13. Supplement icons from Font Awesome 4.7
  14. Integrate custom SVG icons
  15. Customize icon titles
  16. Modify the CAPTCHA message and errors
  17. Adjust box color, border, font, and icon size independently
  18. Tailor the appearance of selected icons
  19. Determine the icon placement
  20. Toggle between full-width and content-width box
  21. jQuery-free on the front end.

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