Bing URL Submissions Plugin

The Bing URL Submission Plugin for WordPress empowers website owners with the seamless capability to promptly and automatically submit their newly created or updated pages to the Bing index.

  1. The Bing URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool designed to streamline and automate the process of submitting URLs from WordPress websites to the Bing index. By seamlessly integrating with your WordPress site and utilizing an API key obtained from the Bing Webmaster portal, this plugin ensures that every page creation or update triggers an automatic submission of the corresponding URL to Bing, thereby maintaining the freshness of your site pages in the Bing index.

    Key Features:

    1. Automated URL Submission:

      • Effortlessly configure the plugin to automatically submit URLs to the Bing index whenever a page is created or updated in WordPress.
    2. User-Friendly Configuration:

      • Easily toggle the automatic submission feature on or off based on your preferences.
    3. Manual URL Submission:

      • Take control and manually submit specific URLs to the Bing Index when needed, providing flexibility and customization.
    4. Submission Management:

      • Access a comprehensive list of recent URL submissions directly from the plugin’s interface.
    5. Retry Failed Submissions:

      • In case of any failed submissions, conveniently retry them from the recent submissions list to ensure optimal indexing.
    6. Download Submission Data:

      • Download a detailed record of recent URL submissions for in-depth analysis and reporting.

    Feel free to explore the plugin’s code on the GitHub repository, where transparency and collaboration thrive. Developed with dedication and fueled by coffee, the Bing Webmaster team brings you a reliable and efficient tool to enhance your WordPress site’s visibility on the Bing search engine.


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