WP AutoTerms: Privacy Policy Generator (GDPR & CCPA), Terms & Conditions Generator, Cookie Notice Banner

Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Affiliate Link Disclaimer Generator for GDPR & CCPA Compliance. Utilize Compliance Kits for a seamless path to regulatory compliance.

WP AutoTerms: Streamlined Legal Compliance for WordPress (GDPR & CCPA), Featuring Privacy Policy Generator, Terms & Conditions Generator, and Cookie Notice Banner

Ensure your WordPress website meets various legal obligations, including compliance with laws like CCPA, GDPR, or the Amazon Associates requirement for affiliate link disclosure, with the WP AutoTerms plugin. Formerly known as “Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,” this plugin simplifies the creation and management of crucial legal pages for your WordPress site.

Key Features:

  1. Create GDPR & CCPA Legal Documents: Utilize the intuitive wizard within WP AutoTerms to effortlessly generate three essential legal pages—Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions agreement, and Cookies Policy.

  2. Custom Legal Pages: Craft and manage your unique legal pages directly through WP AutoTerms, providing flexibility to tailor them to your specific requirements.

  3. Compliance Kits: Access “Compliance Kits” to address specific legal compliance needs:

    • Links to Legal Pages: Ensure visibility and accessibility of your legal pages by automatically inserting links into the footer section of your site.
    • Update Notices of Legal Pages: Comply with best practices by notifying users when legal pages are updated, displaying an announcement bar for a limited time.

Premium Features (Available with WP AutoTerms Premium):

  1. CCPA & GDPR Privacy Policy: Generate a professional Privacy Policy with specific wording tailored for CCPA and GDPR compliance.

  2. Cookies Notice: Fulfill the requirements of the EU Cookies Directive by using this kit to display an announcement bar informing users about cookie usage on your website.

    Note: The Cookies Notice kit does not load third-party JS scripts; it only displays a notice message.

  3. Endorsements: Disclose the presence of affiliate links on your site by including a disclaimer at the end of posts containing affiliate links.

DISCLAIMER: WP AutoTerms is a compliance aid and not a substitute for professional legal advice. While it provides useful information and starting points, legal agreements should be drafted or reviewed by a lawyer for conformity with the law. The plugin makes no guarantees or warranties, and its content does not constitute legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is established. Additional actions may be required based on your legislation to ensure full compliance with the law.

Suggestions: We welcome your input to enhance the plugin’s features. Share your thoughts and let us know what additions you’d like to see.

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