Fixed Widget and Sticky Elements for WordPress

Enhance ad visibility and performance with persistent fixed widgets.

Create sticky widgets, blocks, or any site element that remains visible while scrolling. Sticky elements, especially for ads, enhance visibility and increase click-through rates. This feature is valuable for engaging elements, and Google supports the integration of sticky AdSense ads.

Manual and Demo


  • Free: Fixed Widget is entirely free.
  • Sticky Widgets: Apply the Fixed Widget option to any widget or blocks in the sidebar.
  • Sticky Elements: Make any element on your site sticky.
  • Margin Top: Prevent sticky elements from covering floating menu bars.
  • Margin Bottom: Move sticky elements up before reaching a specified distance from the bottom window.
  • Stop Elements: Adjust to push sticky elements up when they come into view.
  • Stop Blocks: Define sidebar blocks that push fixed blocks out of the page.
  • Minimum Screen Width and Height: Disable sticky behavior on small screens.
  • Plain JavaScript: Written in plain JavaScript for optimal performance.

Compatibility: Theme requirements:

  • Include wp_head() and wp_footer() functions in header.php and footer.php files.
  • Be cautious of JavaScript errors that could disrupt sticky widgets.

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