Portfolio Post Type

This plugin establishes a specialized post type dedicated to portfolio items, providing a distinct and organized framework. Additionally, it sets up individual taxonomies for tags and categories specifically tailored for portfolio content.

This versatile plugin seamlessly integrates a custom post type tailored specifically for portfolio items, providing a structured and organized approach to showcasing your creative works. Additionally, it introduces distinct taxonomies for portfolio tags and categories, enhancing the organization and discoverability of your portfolio content.

With a focus on flexibility, this plugin allows you to select featured images for your portfolio items, ensuring a visually engaging presentation. These featured images seamlessly integrate into the column view, offering a snapshot of your portfolio’s visual appeal.

It’s important to note that the plugin maintains the integrity of your theme’s display settings for portfolio items. However, for those seeking a more customized and unique presentation, the option to add templates for archive-portfolio.php and single-portfolio.php is available. This empowers users to tailor the visual representation of their portfolios according to their specific preferences and design aesthetics.

Explore the possibilities with the WordPress Portfolio Post Type Plugin and elevate the way you showcase your creative endeavors on your website.


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