Temporary Login Without Password

Generate self-expiring, temporary admin accounts effortlessly. Share direct login links with your developers or editors without the need for usernames or passwords.

Introducing the Temporary Login Without Password WordPress Plugin – your ultimate solution for creating secure, self-expiring login links effortlessly. Simplify the process of granting access to developers or editors with automatic login links that eliminate the need for usernames and passwords.

Key Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of temporary logins.
  • Assign any role to temporary logins, ensuring flexibility.
  • Password-free login – a simple link is all it takes.
  • Set account expiration to enhance security.
  • Various expiration options, including one day, one week, one month, and custom dates.
  • Redirect users to a specific page after login for a tailored experience.
  • Choose a language for temporary users.
  • Track the last login time and access frequency of temporary users.

For Developers:

If you require admin access to your client’s WordPress setup, use the following template to request temporary access:

“Hi {%customer_name%},

To facilitate my investigation on your site, please install and activate the free WordPress plugin – Temporary Login Without Password. Provide me with admin access via the generated temporary link. Once granted, I’ll examine your site and work towards resolving the issue.

Note: Keep the expiry of the temporary login link for one month. Send the created login link as a reply to this email.”

What Users Have to Say:

  • “It works with WordPress.com business plan! I love this plugin! It worked like a charm.”

  • Suzanne Loeb

  • “Convenient. No rabbit holes. This plugin was the most straightforward and efficient I’ve used.”

  • Peter Higgins

  • “Clear and efficient. Make the world of the web even more fun for all pro and amateur users!”

  • muten7

  • “Excellent Plugin. It does exactly as it states and records the access you have granted.”

  • mickpamg

  • “A huge help and easy! Love it!!!”

  • bfauscette

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