White Label CMS

Customize dashboard panels and branding, conceal menus, and much more.

The White Label CMS plugin is crafted for developers seeking to provide their clients with a more personalized and streamlined content management system, minimizing confusion and enhancing user experience.

Explore the exciting changes introduced in version 2.0 of the plugin by visiting the Video User Manuals website.

Key Features:

  1. Customize the Login Page: Impress your clients with a branded login page. Incorporate your logo or your client’s logo, choose a background image, and have control over the CSS for a truly personalized touch. By tailoring the WordPress backend, you convey to your clients that this is their unique website, not a generic one.
  2. Add Your Branding to the Header and Footer: Maintain brand visibility by seamlessly integrating your branding into the admin bar, menu, or footer.
  3. Customize the Dashboard: Tired of instructing clients to overlook elements on the Dashboard, only to receive inquiries due to confusion or accidental alterations? With White Label CMS, you can declutter the dashboard entirely and introduce your own customized dashboard panel. Even incorporate your RSS feed, ensuring clients stay informed about your business activities, which is more relevant than generic WordPress Meetup details. Welcome your clients with a personalized dashboard, and now, enhance its aesthetics using Elementor or Beaver Builder templates.
  4. Control Which Menus Appear for Your Client: Introducing the White Label CMS admin feature, granting you the ability to hide specific menus for other users. Simplify client admin access with carefully imposed restrictions, minimizing the risk of stumbling across critical settings and inadvertently affecting the site.
  5. Setup a Site in Seconds Using the Wizard: Simplify the setup process with the White Label CMS Wizard, enabling you to create a customized dashboard swiftly. With just a few clicks, infuse your branding and client details, ensuring a clutter-free and tailored dashboard without navigating through an overwhelming array of options.

Experience the versatility of White Label CMS, where powerful customization meets user-friendly simplicity.

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