Screenshots: A Guide for Students, Parents, and Teachers


Taking screenshots is a crucial skill for both students and parents, offering a versatile tool for capturing and documenting information on various devices. This article will guide you through the process of taking screenshots on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet, emphasizing the importance of this skill in both educational and safety contexts.

Section 1: Understanding Screenshots What is a Screenshot? Define a screenshot as a captured image of visible items displayed on a computer, mobile, or tablet screen. Highlight its role as a graphics file stored for various purposes, including evidence collection for cyberbullying incidents.

Section 2: Taking Screenshots on a Computer


Explain the conventional method using the PrtScn (Print Screen) button and provide step-by-step instructions for capturing the entire screen or active window. Introduce the Snipping Tool as an alternative for Windows users, emphasizing its ease of use and additional editing capabilities.


Guide Mac users through the Command + Shift + 3 or 4 shortcut for capturing the entire screen or a selected area. Introduce the Grab tool as an alternative, highlighting its user-friendly features.

Section 3: Taking Screenshots on a Smartphone/Tablet Provide a general guide for taking screenshots on smartphones and tablets, emphasizing the common method of pressing the power key and home button simultaneously. Acknowledge that specific instructions may vary based on the device and operating system.


Include a link to a video tutorial demonstrating how to take screenshots on Android devices.

iOS (Apple)

Include a link to a video tutorial demonstrating how to take screenshots on iOS devices.

Section 4: Screen Recording on Phones Highlight the ability of modern phones to screen record and note the need for third-party apps on Android or older iOS devices. Explain the built-in screen recording capabilities of Apple iOS 11 or later, including instructions for setup and access.

iOS Screen Recording

Include a link to a video tutorial demonstrating how to set up and use screen recording on iOS devices.

Conclusion: Conclude by emphasizing the importance of mastering screenshot techniques in the digital age, not only for educational purposes but also for addressing cyberbullying incidents. Encourage users to explore additional features and stay informed about advancements in screenshot and recording technologies.

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