Porto Heli, Greece 2024: Best Places to Visit


Nestled on the enchanting eastern coast of the Peloponnese, Porto Heli stands as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Beyond its quaint exterior lies a charming seaside town with a thriving port, providing a gateway to both tranquility and exploration. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of secluded coves or the cosmopolitan atmosphere created by fishing boats and yachts, Porto Heli promises a holiday experience like no other.

How to Get to Porto Heli?

Ferries to Porto Heli:

  • Departing from Piraeus, Athens’ bustling port, ferries to Porto Heli offer a seamless journey approximately 4-5 times per day. These hydrofoils, resembling speedboats, ensure a swift 2-hour voyage with stunning coastal views.
  • Beyond connecting with Piraeus, these ferries extend their routes to other Saronic Gulf destinations, transforming Porto Heli into a central hub for island-hopping adventures.
  • For those on Spetses island, local boats ply the route to Porto Heli or Costa, a charming port just 4 km away, offering a scenic alternative.


  • Navigate the picturesque road from Athens to Porto Heli via daily buses, which wind their way through the historic towns of Nafplion and Kranidi. Commencing from Kifissos KTEL Bus Station in Athens, the journey unfolds over 3 hours, culminating in an additional 30-minute drive from Kranidi to Porto Heli.


  • Embark on a road trip by driving through the Greek National Road Athens – Corinth, reveling in the scenic beauty post the Corinth Canal. Follow signs towards Epidaurus, where you’ll find clear directions leading to Porto Heli via Kranidi.
  • For a flexible exploration experience, consider renting a car to facilitate seamless sightseeing.

Private Transfers:

  • Opt for a private transfer to Porto Heli, providing an elevated level of comfort and privacy. Conveniently book your transfer online from Athens to Porto Heli.


  • While Porto Heli lacks its own airport, the International Airport of Athens serves as the primary gateway. This bustling airport accommodates domestic and international flights throughout the year.
  • From Athens Airport, venture to Piraeus port and embark on a ferry to Porto Heli, with 4-5 daily departures. Alternatively, a bus journey from Kifissos KTEL Station in Athens offers an indirect yet scenic route to Porto Heli via Nafplion or Kranidi.

Explore Porto Heli:

Ververoda Lake:

  • Located approximately 5 km from Porto Heli, Ververoda Lake emerges as a haven surrounded by lush landscapes. In medieval lore, it was believed to be a pirate hideout, adding an air of mystery to its allure.
  • Local legend attributes medicinal properties to the lake’s waters, particularly renowned for alleviating bone pains.
  • The Senior World Water Skiing Competition, an annual spectacle, transforms Ververoda Lake into a stage for international athletes showcasing their water skiing prowess.

Porto Heli Beaches:

  • Porto Heli boasts an array of beaches and coves, each presenting its unique charm. Whether you’re drawn to sandy expanses or rocky retreats, the beaches of Porto Heli cater to diverse preferences.
  • Some beaches offer organized facilities, including water sports clubs, sunbeds, and umbrellas, while others remain secluded, providing intimate settings perfect for couples and families.

Leisure Activities:

  • Engage in an array of water sports at Porto Heli’s popular beaches, featuring activities ranging from fun games to water skiing.
  • Immerse yourself in total relaxation by basking in the sun and sea at the calm beaches of Porto Heli. Follow up with a delightful lunch at seaside taverns to complete the quintessential Greek coastal experience.
  • For hiking enthusiasts, Porto Heli reveals a network of old footpaths leading to chapels, settlements, and hilltops with breathtaking sea views. Plan your hikes during the mild seasons of autumn and spring for an optimal experience.

Practical Tips:

  • Capture the magical hues of the sunset at Ververoda Lake, where the sky bathes in vibrant orange shades, providing a picturesque backdrop to this serene locale.
  • If you choose to visit during summer, when hiking may be less comfortable due to the heat, plan shorter excursions to fully enjoy the natural beauty Porto Heli has to offer.

Additional Insights:

  • Despite being a destination that keeps a lower profile compared to bustling islands, Porto Heli’s unique charm lies in its authenticity and serene ambiance.
  • Indulge in the simplicity of Porto Heli, where the emphasis is on relaxation, family-friendly activities, and immersive experiences in the natural beauty of the Peloponnese.

Recommended Restaurants in Porto Heli:

Hippocampus Restaurant

Explore the gastronomic scene in Hermionid at Hippocampus Restaurant, located just 30 meters from the sea, offering a captivating view of Porto Heli bay. Chef George Korol, with 18 years of experience in Greek and European gastronomy, brings traditional Greek and Mediterranean flavors to life. The menu features fresh local fish and seafood, including sushi, fresh bluefin tuna, and unique dishes like red shrimp kritharoto. The restaurant’s decor, inspired by Greek tradition, creates a cool and relaxing atmosphere for a delightful dining experience under the summer stars.

Salt & Pepper

Situated along Epar.Od. Porto Cheli – Kosta, Salt & Pepper stands out for its exceptional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Indulge in tasty doner kebabs, souvlakia, and sardines. Guests recommend the delightful parfait, che, and orange dessert, paired with house wine. With a great location, friendly staff, and reasonable prices, Salt & Pepper holds a commendable 4.4 rating on Google.

  • Phone: +30 698 103 5232
  • Address: Epar.Od. Porto Cheli – Kosta, Porto Cheli, Peloponnisos

Veranda del Vino

Experience high-quality wines and delectable dishes at Veranda del Vino in Porto Cheli. The restaurant focuses on offering top-notch Greek wines, unique international varieties, and wines from local artisanal producers. The attentive staff ensures an optimal tasting experience, perfectly complementing the chef’s carefully crafted dishes. Relax in the beautiful atmosphere, enjoy a sea view, and savor a unique culinary adventure.

Rozos Restaurant

Delight in perfectly cooked octopus, filet américain, and lamb at Rozos Restaurant. With a stunning view as your backdrop, this restaurant offers an immersive dining experience. The attentive staff, attractive prices, and a Google rating of 4.6 make Rozos Restaurant a must-visit for lovers of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines.

  • Phone: +30 2754 051006
  • Address: Epar.Od. Porto Cheli – Kosta, Porto Cheli 213 00, Greece

Maasai Steak House

For meat lovers, the Maasai Steak House in Porto Heli is a culinary haven. Indulge in veal carpaccio, pork shank, spare ribs, and veal tartare, showcasing excellent quality meats and service. Make a reservation through e-table to seamlessly enjoy the restaurant’s specialties.

  • Address: Porto Cheli 213 00, Greece
  • Phone: +30 2754 051475

Artigiano Pizza & Pasta

Experience Italian and Mediterranean flavors at Artigiano Pizza & Pasta in the heart of Porto Heli. Enjoy nicely cooked spaghetti carbonara, pizza, salads, and delightful ice cream. The restaurant also offers food delivery for added convenience. With a friendly staff, prompt service, and a welcoming atmosphere, Artigiano Pizza & Pasta is an excellent choice for those craving Italian culinary delights.

  • Address: Center of, Porto Heli – Poros, Porto Cheli 213 00, Greece
  • Phone: +30 2754 052005

Porto Heli, with its blend of tranquility and natural allure, beckons travelers seeking an authentic Greek experience. Beyond the convenience of its well-connected port, this seaside town opens up a world of exploration, whether you choose to unwind on its pristine beaches or embark on adventures to nearby historic sites. Porto Heli invites you to discover a side of Greece that captivates with its simplicity and genuine hospitality, making it an ideal destination for those who appreciate the quieter and more authentic facets of travel.

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  1. Porto Heli is amazing! We stayed at Nikki Beach Resort for 5 days in summer 2023, and it was excellent. The town is quiet and calm, with one main street by the bay. The water is clear and beautiful with a turquoise glow. There are great restaurants, and the overall vibe is pleasant. It’s not a place with a lot of activities, but perfect if you just want to relax.

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