SecuPress Free — WordPress Security

Safeguard your WordPress site with SecuPress, ensuring daily analysis and comprehensive security assurance.

Explore the world of WordPress security with SecuPress Free! Safeguard your site effortlessly with malware scans, IP blocking, and a comprehensive security toolkit, available for free or as a pro plugin. GDPR compliant and user-friendly, SecuPress ensures your WordPress protection.

Choose between the free and pro versions based on your needs. The free version offers features like Anti Brute Force login, Firewall, and Malware Scan. The pro version adds automated tasks, real-time stats, campaign stats, and more.

Notable features include:

  • Security Audit: A full scanner that checks 35 security points in 5 minutes, providing a clear security grade and PDF reports.
  • Users & Login: Protect user data with features like limiting login attempts, banning non-existing usernames, and 2FA for enhanced security.
  • Plugins and Themes: Detect vulnerable plugins and themes, limit plugin activation, and secure plugin and theme uploads.
  • WordPress Core: Reinforce the WordPress Core, optimizing configurations for enhanced security.
  • Sensitive Data: Secure WordPress Endpoints and APIs, block bad bots, and protect sensitive information.
  • Firewall: Efficiently block malicious requests, bad User Agents, and prevent SQL injection attempts.
  • Malware Scan: A unique scan for bad files with a step-by-step report to guide action.
  • Backups: Preserve your data with database and file backups, ensuring content and settings recovery.
  • Anti Spam: Activate SecuPress’s anti-spam system to eliminate spam bots and ensure a spam-free experience.
  • Alerts: Receive alerts via email for important website activities, with SMS, Slack & Twitter alerts in the works.
  • Scheduled Security Tasks: Run scheduled tasks for scanning, backup, and malware scans, enhancing your WordPress security.
  • Logs: Keep track of security activities and 404 pages, allowing you to monitor WordPress events and control banned IPs.

Discover the security grade of your website with SecuPress’s dedicated security scanner. Whether you choose the free or pro version, SecuPress empowers you to protect your WordPress effectively.

Note: Some features are available in the Pro Version

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